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Dawn Hayes, QuickBooks Pro Advisor 

"My fulfillment comes through helping others. My passion is the people I serve and knowing that I can be a supportive partner and an advocate in the forward progress of their businesses."

I don't earn my living as a bookkeeper because I have a passion for "crunching numbers," and I certainly don't consider myself a "bean-counter."

Much like many entrepreneurs, I chose the path of self-employment to enjoy the freedom and fulfillment that comes when you spend your days using your natural talents and abilities to earn a living on your terms - setting your schedule, serving the people with whom you most enjoy working, and working toward a goal - a mission - that matters to YOU.

I enjoy what I do because I am able to use my knowledge, experience, and the skills that naturally come easy to me to give other business owners the freedom they seek to build their businesses on their terms, doing what they do best.