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If you are unsure about where to begin, you will want to consider the " Get Up and Running" option to establish a complete bookkeeping system for start-ups or established businesses. 

If your business is brand new, I will work with you to create a money-management system that gets you started, and show you how to utilize it to keep track of all the details and keep things running smoothly. 

Do you already have bookkeeping system in place, but it has not been working well for you, or perhaps you have fallen behind in keeping your books maintained? 

In this case, I will begin with a review of your current system and help you " catch up" and remove the burden of any back-logged record keeping or invoicing you may have. 

Then we will fill in any missing elements of your bookkeeping system, and guide you to utilize it more efficiently to keep your tasks on track moving forward. 

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