Case Studies

The following are true case studies of smart business owners who took control of their money and found peace of mind through working with Dawn Hayes of SAVVY BOOKKEEPING.

"While these stories are completely true, the names of the clients have been changed to 'protect the innocent.' Although these individuals were dealing with difficult situations, this page is by no means a 'Hall of Bookkeeping Shame.' You see, there is no guilt' or 'shame' in not knowing what you don't know!

I've shared these stories to celebrate 'Albert' and 'Celeste,' and many others like them, for making the smart decision to get some help to take control of their money"

-Dawn Hayes

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The Story of "Albert"

"Albert" was not just frustrated when he came to me - he was in a financial crisis.

Dealing with a 5-year backlog of unbilled work for his property-assessment business, already on an extension for paying his taxes, and with the bank threatening to foreclose on his house, Albert knew he was in over his head.

We began by creating a system for gathering old data and sent invoices to past and current clients for outstanding balances.

Once the funds were collected, Albert was able to settle his debts and provide the necessary information to his accountant to file his taxes, saving his home from foreclosure.

With the crisis resolved, I worked with Albert to establish a new time-tracking and billing system to ensure a consistent, steady income.

Needless to say, once liberated from his burdens, Albert was ecstatic. Feeling relieved, he is now relaxed and able to focus on moving his business forward.

Remote Bookkeeping Greenwich

The Story of "Celeste"

"Celeste" is a successful and very independent baby goods manufacturer. She has a talented and capable staff to support her in most aspects of her business... except one - the money-management.
In this area Celeste has been fiercely independent, hesitant to relinquish even a small measure of control to anybody else, taking on the full responsibility (and burden) of trying to handle the finances herself

One could hardly blame her for her hesitation. When I met Celeste, she was recovering from a several-years-long relationship with an accounting firm that had overcharged and under-delivered from the beginning.

At one point, she had attempted to delegate some of the bookkeeping tasks to one of her employees. However, not knowing how to properly train this person is using the software she had selected (which was also not the best choice for her business model), Celeste eventually fell victim to multiple errors and miscalculations that ultimately led to her being over-drawn on a check she issued to an important vendor.

Embarrassed and appalled, Celeste feared that her previously spotless reputation and perfect credit history was about to be irreparably damaged. No longer trusting her employee's input of the data, or the reflection of the figures in the software program, Celeste re-claimed full responsibility for the money-management, vowing to depend on her spreadsheets and personal data-entry instead.

Less than a year had passed before Celeste found herself completely exhausted, dreading every day, and spending hours of over-time managing the business that had once been her passion. Her "dream business" was becoming a nightmare.

Nearly at her wits' end, Celeste agreed to hire me on a short-term basis, to see if I could help her regain the freedom she knew she had lost, and restore some sanity to her daily routine.

Although she was tentative at first, Celeste recognized that, in her pursuit of having more control over her finances, the rest of her life was increasingly out of control.

I first set about converting all the data contained in Celeste's hand-written spreadsheets into usable accounting information, utilizing a more appropriate software program. I cleaned up old errors and then continued to keep Celeste's books in good order.

When the time came that she decided to apply for a business development program, and also needed to apply to her bank for a business loan to cover the cost of the tuition, I immediately provided her with reliable, formal financial reports to submit.

Due to the availability of these reports at a moment's notice, Celeste was able to quickly and easily submit her applications, was granted the loan from the bank, and was accepted into the program.

No longer trying to run her business and manage the money all by herself, Celeste feels completely re-energized, and her daily task list now seems almost effortless to complete.

Celeste is so grateful, and I am pleased to report that my short-term assignment has now become a long-term relationship with a wonderful client.

Running a successful and profitable business can be exhausting and overwhelming, just keeping up with the ongoing tasks of money-management - dealing with ever-changing rules and software, not to mention all the details, details, details!

Don't wait until your finances are a fiasco!

Take the first step TODAY toward taking control of your money...