Top Five Things to Look For When Hiring A Full Charge Bookkeeper And Account Manager

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Account management and bookkeeping is an important part of running a successful business. The recording of all business transactions is required in order to have a complete understanding of the financial standing of a business.

In today’s world of online accounting, the job of a full charge bookkeeper is even more essential. Today’s bookkeeper is a specialist, trained in the process of maintaining accurate online records of financial transactions. A full charge bookkeeper is responsible for all the accounting needs of an organization, including the preparation of yearly and quarterly financial statements. 

If you are looking for professional bookkeeping or account management services, here’s a list of the top five things to look for.

1. Professional experience
Experience should be the first attribute you look for in a full charge bookkeeper or account manager. An experienced bookkeeping professional will have absolute know-how in the field of small business accounting and be prepared to deal with the day-to-day financial operations and the intricacies of business operations to ensure their job is executed efficiently. 

2. Accounting software knowledge and expertise
Savvy bookkeepers make full use of technological developments in the field of accounting. A knowledgeable bookkeeper will have an adequate understanding of accounting software such as Quickbooks and be skilled in navigating it to make your entire bookkeeping experience a simple endeavor that is easy to update and maintain year-round.

3. Integrity
Some financial transactions and statements have sensitive information and require confidentiality from the bookkeeper or account manager in charge. Handling and recording a company’s confidential financial information is an important task that requires the bookkeeper to have integrity and honesty. It is important to check references before bringing on a new bookkeeper.

4. Experience in your field of business
Bookkeeping and account management is essential for all businesses. However, all companies do not follow the same accounting procedures. For example, accounting for a not-for-profit organization will follow different accounting principles and adhere to a different set of regulations compared to accounting for a restaurant. These variances make finding a bookkeeper that has experience in your field of business essential. 

5. A good fit on a personal level
Finding a bookkeeper that fits your individual accounting needs and is a good fit on a personable level will make your day-to-day much more enjoyable. Similarly, a professional who is easy to get along with will simplify your account management and bookkeeping responsibilities, and also assist you in understanding your finances.

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